World-Class Associations

Although my entire career was spent in various leadership roles, I think the strongest statement about my credibility is my work as a leader in the US Naval Academy alumni community. Why? Because I’ve been elected by leaders (I’m the President of my class) and I’ve been selected to serve on the US Naval Academy Alumni Association Board of Trustees, as well as a number of prestigious committees.

What this means to you is that if some of the best leaders in the nation regard me as a trusted peer, perhaps you may gain equally from my perspectives.

Academic Experience

It was while I was earning my MS in Systems Engineering at the University of Maryland that I had my insight that the principals of systems engineering, such as needs assessment, requirements generation, verification and validation, established processes, etc., should prove very valuable in strategy and organization design. I enhanced my insight a few years later with an MBA and by completing certification in The Growth Coach 's Strategic Mindset process.

What this means to you is that together we can quickly discover ways to make your organization more effective and more productive, both tactically and strategically.

Professional Experience

As the COO of a small business, a submarine officer, a leader at both very large and small telecommunications companies, a leader in engineering organizations for big defense contractors and small ones, and even as a winning college football coach, I have been successful in a wide variety of operations with a wide variety of people. From unionized technicians to PhD scientists, I’ve worked the entire spectrum of leadership roles.

What this means to you is that I provide trustworthy, practical, no-nonsense guidance to transform your business and drive more effective operations.

“As a midshipman at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, I learned a special name for military forces that fought without a well-designed and well-implemented strategy: “LOSERS OF BATTLES.”  Your business is constantly under attack by competitors (substitutes, new technologies, bad news, etc.) who are trying to take away your customers, employees, partners, investors, and even your own quality of life.  What’s your strategy? Are you sure that it is designed and implemented well enough to win?  How do you know for sure, and what happens if you’re wrong?”

-           Ingar Grev

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“It was a pleasure participating in your becoming a strategic manager training. Having been to many leadership development seminars over my twenty five plus years, I knew immediately this was not the standard fare. The teaching and coaching style, along with the holistic approach was refreshing. You have a very good presence, experience base and content delivered with humor and candor. The process delivered to us was clear, true to life and memorable because of additional tools for the road. I really enjoyed the one on one time you were willing to spend with me following the training as well. I sensed you really cared about my personal development.

I highly recommend you enlist Ingar for your next corporate training."

Scott Ranck
Florida Public Utilities Company
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I’ve been doing this since 2007, and in that time I’ve met plenty of other business advisers. Many of them have great personal experience – they’ve taken companies public, or raised money, or have sold a number of businesses, etc. Others have had great experience in their own business. Many have exceptional training in psychology or psychiatry, and still others have had great coaching / facilitating training. These are all great resources. Here are the ways I differentiate myself: my world-class associations, my academic experience, and my professional experience: